Hello, Lib Dems Pointing is back

Yes, Liberal Democrats Pointing is back online.

For a few years the original version of the site entertained many. That site was nowt to do with me. However, when I saw that not only was the site long defunct but also its domain name was now also up for grabs (having in the interim used for a spam site with an, um, interesting range of content), I thought I’d return the URL to respectability and give reviving the idea a whirl, with thanks to the (former) party member who had the idea for the original site and ran it.

If nothing else, it stops the previous fate of such ex-domain names which is to be bought by an interesting web marketer and pointed at a spammy site nothing to do with the original site. The reason they do this is that it means they get to leach off the search engine boost from all the links the original site secured which now, unbeknownst to their original creators, link to a very different, and often far less salubrious, site.

More to come soon…

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