Peak Lib Dem pointing season is upon us

As the winter’s effect on our roads becomes clear for all to see (and feel), and as campaigners ramp up their activity ahead of the May local elections, the peak season for Liberal Democrat pointing is upon us.

Flex those digits, straighten those elbows and deploy those cameras, fellow Lib Dems.

2 responses to “Peak Lib Dem pointing season is upon us”

  1. I don’t understand why the roads are a mess we pay road tax it should all go on the roads we need this government out all they do is cut cut cut it takes the mick may be we should all stop paying road tax dave

  2. […] Glum pointing may be the dominant tradition, but you can be happy and point too. As demonstrated by newly re-elected Liberal Democrat councillor, John Potter. Newly re-elected and straight on to more pothole casework: […]

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