When a by-election candidate goes pointing

Welcome to proper campaigning for Andrea Kidd from Leighton Buzzard, who has upgraded herself from leaflet deliver via canvasser to town council by-election candidate with a full embrace of local community campaigning. Which involves pointing at things, of course.

Andrea Kidd

Purists may argue it’s more of a double palm wave than a true point, but we’ve got a modern approach to defining pointing on this site. And sometimes a pothole is so exasperating that using both hands is justified.


You can be happy and point too

Glum pointing may be the dominant tradition, but you can be happy and point too. As demonstrated by newly re-elected Liberal Democrat councillor, John Potter. Newly re-elected and straight on to more pothole casework:

Councillor John Potter pointing at a pothole

The disembodied point

Only to be deployed when you are not the candidate and there is no candidate in the vicinity.

Mark Pack pointing at a pothole