Pointing, with your body too

Jack Caldwell from Edinburgh shows a fine application of the whole body pointing technique. Not just a clear hand point but a full body lean too:

Jack Caldwell pointing

There is a serious story to this pointing, of course. As the Edinburgh Liberal Democrats report:

Many constituents have raised concerns with Councillor Jack Caldwell regarding the workmanship of the pavements along the new tram route on Leith Walk and Elm Row.

Councillor Caldwell has carried out many surveys and reported broken and loose paving stones to the Council. 

Plenty more pointing to come, Jack.


A happy point, with a distracting shirt

Liberal Democrat councillor Tim Prater seems quite happy to have got the council to install a new bin. If you can pull your eyes away from his shirt for a moment, you will see a fine use of the traditional single finger point. Sometimes nothing fancy is needed, such the clear extension of one finger.

Cllr Tim Prater pointing