A happy point, with a distracting shirt

Liberal Democrat councillor Tim Prater seems quite happy to have got the council to install a new bin. If you can pull your eyes away from his shirt for a moment, you will see a fine use of the traditional single finger point. Sometimes nothing fancy is needed, such the clear extension of one finger.

Cllr Tim Prater pointing


When a by-election candidate goes pointing

Welcome to proper campaigning for Andrea Kidd from Leighton Buzzard, who has upgraded herself from leaflet deliver via canvasser to town council by-election candidate with a full embrace of local community campaigning. Which involves pointing at things, of course.

Andrea Kidd

Purists may argue it’s more of a double palm wave than a true point, but we’ve got a modern approach to defining pointing on this site. And sometimes a pothole is so exasperating that using both hands is justified.